Aztek – Hydra Deck | 5″ X 19.5″ | Black

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The Aztek Scooters 2020 range is a thing of beauty and showcases some of the most advanced design and production techniques our industry has seen.

First and foremost, scootering will not be the same after the release of the Aztek Hydra Deck, with dual tubing technology allowing Aztek to create an unbelievably light deck.

The “Hydra” tech distributes forces efficiently and evenly throughout the whole deck, allowing for the lightest construction possible, with the even distribution actually making the Aztek Hydra Deck feel even lighter than it actually is! (Seriously, the first time you hold the Aztek Hydra Deck you cannot believe how light it actually feels!)

Rounded, reinforced dropouts as well as a “blunt notch” in the front create a preferred grinding surface for the rider and the width and concavity of the Hydra Deck give unmatched controll and stability.

The Aztek Hydra Deck will revolutionise not only the way decks are made, but also the tricks that are possible on a scooter!


Here’s what Rider/Owner Dom Marconi had to say about the all new Aztek Scooter 2020 Range.

“I designed my first scooter part over 10 years ago. Since then, I have learned a lot, not only about design and manufacturing of scooters, but also about the way people ride them, and the subtle different feelings that each scooter component can give you under your feet.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned since then, and used it to create this product line which you are about to see. These are the most harmonious products I have ever created, and are designed to give the rider an experience second to none.

I truly believe that many of these products will set the new standards in the industry for scooter design.”


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