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Sweet Kendamas – Prime Radar

A new take on the solid tama! Introducing the Prime Radar. Combining the classic look of …


Sweet Kendamas | 2020 Boost Pro Model

The #CoopMod is BACK!  Cooper became sponsored by Sweets in 2013, and got his first Pro Mod in 2016. We are beyond excited to show off this brand new Mod and all the features that make it amazingly unique.

For my second Pro Model, #CoopMod V2, I had to bring some new concepts to the table (reflective materials) and revive some old ones as well (glow in the dark.) I chose the flames because 🔥flames 🔥will never go out of style.  The grid design = rubber cutting mats where ideas come to life.
If you’re reading this…THANK YOU!

Sweet Kendamas | SixFinger Strings | 4-pack

Extra-long String to fit all your needs!

SixFinger Strings are the highest quality kendama strings on the market!
Made from braided nylon they are resilient and offer the perfect balance of bounce and sturdiness.
These are the strings we have been using on our Homegrowns and Pro Models for years, now with some extra length.

Why SixFinger Strings?

Tricks are evolving and nowadays many players prefer a longer string.

Sweets SixFinger Strings are extra-long by design so you can choose the perfect length for you!


Sweets | Dama Claw | Kendama Wall Hook

“We have been searching for years to find the perfect way to display our kendama collections.
Racks look great but can only hold a few damas. Shelves can be expensive or hard to instal. Older options don’t fit new gen shapes.

We needed something modular. Something affordable. And something that worked well…

We needed THE CLAW.

Perfect for home, at the office, or even in your car!


Sweets Kendama | Signature Model | Boo Johnson

Kendama Connects Worlds. Boo Johnson is a professional skateboarder for DGK, Grizzly Grip Tape, Diamond Supply …


Sweets Kendamas – Prime 5 Stripe

The new Prime 5 Stripe, superior style and play. These tamas are designed to look great. …


Sweets Kendamas – Prime Grain Split 2.0

The Grain Split is back! The new Prime Grain Split 2.0 features the same pattern as …


Sweets Kendamas – Prime Stripe

The Prime Kendama is the most balanced Kendama ever made in regards to affordability and playability. …


Sweets Kendamas – Prime Pro Model

The newest Pro to be added to the Sweets Kendamas team! Originally announced at the 2017 Minnesota …


Sweets Kendamas | Cooper Eddy | Signature UV Backlight

Get your #CoopMods to glow fast!
These pocket-sized flashlights make sure you are ready to jam in the dark.



Sweets Kendamas | Prime Sport Stripe

The Sweets Sport Stripe kendama offers great trackability with two pinstripes that visually pop against the white background of the tama, helping you to always track that centerline. With the top, thicker stripe being a different color than the lower thin stripe this helps to see which way is “up” as the tama spins through the air. For even more help landing the spike every time, these tamas feature a natty bottom that stands out against the white paint.

Also new is the Sweets new Prime Print – a Cross Ken logo and Prime logo in concentric circles around the string hole. Finished with Prime Sticky Clear these tamas are designed to look good and play better.

Matched with the Prime ken and it’s larger cups, a Cross Ken logo burned on the top of the little cup and a premium shape, the Sweets Sport Stripe kendama is great for beginners and pros alike.



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