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Ride 858 Titanium T Bars

Tech Specs

  • 27” high x 24.6” wide with no clamp slit
  • Quality Titanium Bar, with quality welds
  • Oversized
  • Compatible with SCS compression
  • Only 800gms in weight


$290.00 $215.00

River Wheels Checkmate Rapid Pink On Blue Reece Doezma Signature

Reece Doezema “Checkmate” Signature River Rapid

The bar of progression is being raised on a daily basis from all corners of the globe. It is a constant evolution of one’s ability and creativity that determines who is seen and who is forgotten. For Reece Doezema being seen happens naturally. His riding is flashy, creative, colorful and by all means threatening to push the bar to an even higher level every time he steps on a scooter. With electric pink urethane and a gleaming turquoise core reminiscent of 1980’s racers chase for the finish line in neon flashy style, the “Checkmate” Rapids are here to capture the game of progression.



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