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Envy Prodigy S2 Deck The Envy Prodigy Complete Scooter is the best selling scooter on the …


Envy 2 Bolt Oversized Clamp

The Envy Prodigy 2 Bolt Oversized clamp is another excellent clamp for running HIC, IHC, MINI HIC, ICS, and Threaded compression systems. This clamp includes 2 x 6 mm bolts and an alloy shim for running STANDARD bars. For OVERSIZED bars, the shim will need to be removed!


Envy Aluminum Pegs

Super slick Alloy Pegs from Envy Scooters.

These scooter pegs include 1 x 60mm high tensil axle and 1 x70mm high tensil axle.

– Bolts included


Envy AOS V4 LTD Deck | Charles Padel

ENVY AOS V4 LTD DECK | CHARLES PADEL The all new super anticipated Envy AOSV4 LTD …


Envy AOS V4 LTD Didene Terchague 6 x 23

This deck was built to Charles specifications, 152mm/6″ Wide 585mm/23″ Long with a Foot space of 340mm
Nylon Brake, Front Plate and Boxed ends Included


Envy AOSV5 Charles Padel Deck 6 x 23

Deck Specs

  • WIDTH -6 Inches /153mm
  • LENGTH- 23 Inches/ 584mm
  • HEADTUBE- 84 degrees
  • FOOT SPACE- 16.5 Inches/ 420mm
  • WEIGHT- 4.4 Pounds/ 2kgs
  • Max wheel compatibility: 120mm x 30mm

Envy AOSV5 Didine Terchague 5.1 x 23

Deck Specs:

  • WIDTH-5.1 Inches/ 130mm
  • LENGTH- 23 Inches/ 584mm
  • HEADTUBE- 83 degrees
  • FOOT SPACE- 16.5 inches/ 420mm
  • WEIGHT- 4 Pounds/ 1.85kgs
  • Max wheel compatibility: 120mm x 30mm


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